Maintaining Enlightened Leadership in Your Workplace

Enlightened LeadershipToday we are going to continue to take a look at some of the points made in the book Impending Crisis.  Let’s specifically look at the importance of maintaining what Roger Herman calls “enlightened leadership.”

Most employees typically have significantly more interaction with their direct supervisor than with the leader of their entire company. However, the morale within a workplace will be much better if employees on every rung of the ladder know and trust that the overall company leadership has a clear sense of direction with tangible, recognizable goals in mind. This is the idea of “enlightened leadership,” a feeling that company leaders are making educated and trustworthy decisions even when employees don’t necessarily interact with them on a regular basis.

With this idea in mind, the most effective leaders understand that they must also be both visible and accessible within their company so that all employees can see that their leadership is taking the necessary steps to move the company forward and that they aren’t a distant, unapproachable figure.

So long as leaders stay accessible and continue to operate by a strategic plan, the overall health of a company will continue to stay at high levels. This is the power of “enlightened leadership.”


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