Caring for the People in Your Business

13541697_s-webIt’s time once again for us to take a look at another key point made by Roger Herman in his book Impending Crisis.

When people are on the job hunt, one of the biggest factors they consider when filling out an application is the quality of care that the business provides to its employees. In today’s business world, quality of life issues are more important to employees than ever before, according to Herman. Employees want a safe and healthy environment that makes them feel comfortable, almost like being at home.

This goes beyond the type of salary or benefits that a company provides. People are concerned with the types of working conditions they’ll have around them, the amount of flexibility they have within their position and the kind of recognition they get for a job well done. They want their free time and their families to be valued as well as their work. They want to be able to have open lines of communication with people high up the food chain within the organization.

Simply put, people value a more relaxed and gracious approach to business management. If you can set up your business in a way that provides this level of care, you will find that the quality of your applicants will steadily rise.


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