Secrets to Keeping Your Top People

As we continue to analyze some of the key points made in Roger Herman’s Impending Crisis, our next step is to emphasize the importance of Herman’s point about providing space for growth and opportunity.

Outstanding employees are drawn to positions in which they will have the ability to grow both personally and professionally. While highly motivated employees always have an eye on their future marketability as job candidates elsewhere, providing constant opportunities for growth, advancement and new experiences will make them much more likely to settle into a position with a company for a longer period of time.

Companies should do everything they can to facilitate growth on the part of their employees. They should encourage employees to engage in additional training, gain new experiences and take on new responsibilities. For true go-getters that are looking to get on the fast track, companies should be prepared to allow them to grow rapidly, yet in a controlled and supportive environment.

As soon as these employees begin to get bored or feel as though they are stagnating, they are going to be likely to move on to the next job. It’s the employer’s responsibility to prevent such stagnation from occurring.


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