Four Things You Can’t Take Back

Four Things You Can’t Recover From:

  • The word – after it’s said
  • The occasion – after it’s missed
  • The time – after it’s gone 
  • The stone – after it’s thrown 


We often talk about how we can set ourselves up for success, or get off on the right foot with potential clients or new employees. But what happens when we say or do something that we wind up regretting later?

Here are four examples of things that you unfortunately cannot take back:


  • The Word – After It’s Said
    Have you ever said something to a potential job candidate that you really wish you could take back? To avoid a situation like this, it’s extremely important that you are able to see your company through the eyes of your candidates and present the image that you want people to see.
  • The Occasion – After It’s Missed
    Every day there will be opportunities that present themselves to improve yourself or your company: potentially great employees, excellent seminars, networking events, etc. Simply put, life is too short to miss out on every single opportunity that crosses your path.
  • The Time – After It’s Gone
    You can’t get back lost time, which makes it even more important to constantly be working toward all of your goals. Stay committed and make this the year that you take advantage of the time you have.
  • The Stone – After It’s Thrown
    Always remain positive. You can never take back negative remarks about your competitors, your coworkers or your work in general. Negativity strongly affects how potential candidates view you.


Don’t put yourself in a situation where you have to regret anything you do in your career. Consider how you can prevent yourself from getting into situations where you wish you could take back your actions.


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