Mutual Promises in the Search for Talent

The Fordyce Letter is a respected industry publication known for delivering “straight talk for the recruiting profession” for more than four decades.

In November 2012, I was honored to contribute an article titled The Mutual Promises That Make A Good Relationship, which provided a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the contingency search from the perspectives of both the company seeking talent and the recruiting firm seeking candidates on the company’s behalf.

Both parties want the same result, which is to find talented people to help the company manage its business. But in many instances there is a huge gap between what the client company wants (top talent for the organization) and what it actually receives from the recruiter. The company may not feel it is getting the attention or quality of candidates it needs, while the recruiter is frustrated by the lack of relationship with the company he or she is supposed to be representing.

After seeing this challenge arise again and again in my tenure in this profession, I felt compelled to offer a potential solution for closing that gap. I’m for changing the way we do business as we move the industry forward.

Read the entire article in The Fordyce Letter here.



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