How Does the Job Market Look for the Next Six Months?

job-marketI often get asked about the state of the job market. Despite the economic downturn from a few years ago, the job market is actually very healthy.  According to a new article by Mark Anderson of Execunet, it appears that there is certainly cause for confidence in the job market right now, and for the next six months as well.

Here are some of the US Bureau of Labor statistics reported by Anderson in the article:

  • Average jobs added per month in the US economy are up by 20 percent from 2013
  • Recruiter confidence levels are above 50 percent for the first time since 2011, and only nine percent of recruiters believe that the job market will not improve in the next six months
  • One in four companies will add new executive-level positions in the next six months, up from one in eight in 2011, the third month in a row that executive recruiters have indicated these expectations
  • The amount of companies searching for top executive candidates is up by 25 percent over 2013

All of this is definitely good news for people who are either looking to make a change in the career or who are currently unemployed. Keep in mind that recruiter confidence does not necessarily translate to more jobs, but the fact that recruiters are increasingly confident in the market is certainly cause for positivity.

For more information, read the full article linked above and check with the US Bureau of Labor for constantly updated statistics about the US economy and job market.


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