The Importance of Your Company’s Culture

company-cultureSeveral weeks back we began looking at some of the best points from the book “Impending Crisis” by Robert Herman. Today we’re going to continue on and look at Mr. Herman’s next point: the importance of your company’s culture.

While there are some people who would say that the culture of a company is something that’s subjective and hard to define. The fact is that job candidates often refer to the culture of an organization as being one of the major factors in their decision to seek employment elsewhere. This means that for organizations looking to bring in the best possible employers to their team, the creation of a positive, affirming company culture should be among its top priorities.

What exactly are candidates looking for when it comes to organizational culture? Some examples include:

  • A company that has high values and a good moral compass
  • A company that has high standards of quality and customer service
  • A company with traditions, and a rich organizational history
  • A company that people simply enjoy working for
  • A company where team members seem to get along and work well aside each other

If you’re interested in reading more about company culture and its importance to prospective candidates, I highly suggest reading “Impending Crisis”.


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